Testing Ad Angles to Improve PPC performance

Testing Ad Angles to Improve PPC performance
Photo by Jo San Diego / Unsplash

Your ad messaging is your voice. Experiment with different ad angles to identify what resonates best with your target audience.

Let’s say that, for example, you’re targeting system administrators for your security software.

We’d first have to think about what sys admins care about and guesstimate their most pressing problems depending on factors like business size, company’s growth rate, industry, etc.

System Reliability Angle:

Say goodbye to downtime—experience uninterrupted operations with our software's advanced failover mechanisms and automated backups.

Security Concerns Angle:

"Protect sensitive data with our multi-layered encryption and real-time threat detection.”

Efficiency and Automation Angle:

"Boost productivity with our software's intelligent task automation. Free up time for strategic IT initiatives."

Scalability Angle:

"From startup to enterprise, we've got you covered! Expand without limitations."

Cost Management Angle:

"Optimize IT Costs Without Compromising Performance."

Monitoring and Reporting Angle:

"Never Miss a Beat: Real-time monitoring and reporting."

Compliance and Regulations Angle:

"Simplify regulatory compliance and get on the right side of regulations."

Technical Support and Documentation Angle:

"We've Got Your Back, 24/7! Expert Support and Comprehensive Documentation."

Your landing pages should also be fine-tuned for each specific angle. Otherwise, this won’t work.